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In the past few years, with advances in training methods and equipment safety, paragliding has evolved from an extreme adventure sport to a recreational leisure sport. Paragliding is attracting more students, women, and middle aged professional people who are seeking a quiet way to rise above the mundane and enjoy the freedom of free flight.



Tandem flight with instructor

1400 NT / 20 -30 minutes



yuri n me face


Puli Flight School

Jong Hsin Bei Gong Yuan,@

Hu To San, Puli,  Nantou  County, Taiwan ROC


Malcolm Vargas,USA,  USHPA flight instructor, tandem pilot

cel 0911-158-352

Yuri B. Human, S.Africa. Asst. instructor, tandem pilot


equipment rentals, sales  and service


BEGINNER training  22,000 NT

earn your  USHPA beginner rating

3 - 4  weekends, or 5 - 6 consecutive days ; includes

1     classroom  time

2     ground  training ( kiting )

3     tandem  flight

4     solo flights

minimum 2 students@                             price includes equipment rental                                    



1 WEEKEND course Try it before you buy it.


paragliding introductory course

5500 NT includes:

1.   basic ground school

2.   ground training

3.   1 tandem flight with student control

4.   at least 1 solo flight

5.   weekend

6.   ( can be deducted from Novice Course )

minimum 4 students









@NOVICE training  30,000 NT ( deduct 15,000 NT if beginner course is already completed )

earn your  USHPA novice rating

6 -8  weekends, or 10 - 13 consecutive days ; includes

classroom  time

ground  training ( kiting )

solo flights

Puli  Flight School features:

1    a long wide training slope for ground handling skills,

2    a 25 degree slope for "bunny hops"

3    large field for landing

4    smooth gentle upslope air flow all year  round

5    bathroom and campground  facilities

6    cafe, cabins and kitchen,

7    hostel

8    proximity to a wide range of outdoor  adventure

9    bilingual English/Chinese/Taiwanese

10 USHPA certified coach


We have developed a very safe and low stress method of gradual acquisition, acclimatization, which allows students to transition from ground based life to air borne.


Getting here: Take the No. 1 or the Number 3 highway to the Tsau Tun exit. Take the No. 14 east to Puli.

Cross the bridge and turn right.

Follow the outer rim road around the town, about 4 km, 180 degrees, to Chong San Rd. turn right.

Go 200 meters to the Central Park. Turn into the park. Follow the road straight up the mountain for 2.5 km.


From Taipei buses  to Puli run every 20 minutes

From Taichung  Station, buses run every 10 minutes from 3 bus companies

From elsewhere, bus to Taichung and change for Puli







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